Thursday, 8 August 2013

Winter Warmer - Apple & Berry Roll

I decided to get creative today.

Jonathan wasn't being too clingy, due to his teething, so I thought I do some baking.  Let's face it it, when I cook, what I'm good at, Im really good at but when i'm not - it's terrible.

I wanted to try making an baked apple and cinnamon roll that I had actually just seen on CBeebies, yes CBeebies.

I had no idea how to make pastry from scratch and I certainly was not dragging Jonathan out in the rain to go get some. Good old google always comes through.

I got the recipe here...

Pastry Recipe

Within ten minutes I had this tiny ball of magic...

I was so proud of it, small things right, even Jonathan had a go with his teeny tiny pitta patta hands.

I grated an entire apple, added honey, cinnamon, a teaspoon of sugar and some frozen mixed berries.

I rolled the pastry mix out and spread the apple and berry mix over it. It was rolled up and roughly cut into 6 pieces.

I sprinkled a bit my sugar on top and in the oven she went at 180 degrees.

Thirty minutes later it was time to add some hot custard and devour these winter warming treats.

The husband may have given my a 5.9/10 for dinner but it was certainly at 10/10 for dessert.


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