Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Empty Slate

Isn't a wonderful thing when you realise just how much that little bundle of joy depends on you? I'm not just talking the pure necessities, feeding, changing, dressing etc. What I'm talking about is their absolute need for us as parents, teachers, friends, relatives to display the best we can as our children absorb and fill their 'slate'.

I always knew this but did not realise and understand until just recently. Two weeks ago to be exact. My son is now four months old.

I realised when someone said "isn't it amazing, just how much he absorbs? he is so inquisitive". Yes indeed he is. Sometimes it's almost as if he waits on me with bated breath. He watches every move I make. At times he looks like he is questioning me as if to say 'Mum, what the hell are you doing?" at others it's like he is saying "Mum, you're so funny and you're the best mummy in the world". Maybe thats what I am hoping he is thinking :)

It's the most beautiful thing when you realise this. Not only are you teaching you're beautiful little person to be and become the best they can be but you are fixing yourself. I find myself questioning everything I do. I know he is watching me so before I act, I think. When I think, I ask myself, "how would JJ interpret this in his little head and in turn what does that teach him?

I officially welcome myself to the parent club.

I'm on my best most proper behaviour when I am within ear and eyeshot of him. I also ensure that everyone that is within close and frequent contact does the same. When they don't it's my opportunity to teach little man right from wrong.

I have heard that the first four years are the most crucial for a child's development. I'm no child psychologist but if this is the truth then i've got the most exciting 4 years ahead.

I love this time with him.  I love watching him as he learns, explores and develops. As every sense in his body ignites. I have created and will continue to create and help mould this young boy into the man he will become.

Love,  joy and wonderful memories.

M xxx

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