Monday, 29 December 2014

Let there be cake - A BakerDays review

I love cake. Everyone I know loves cake. Cake is the greatest so when I was approached by the lovely people over at Baker Days to do a review, how could I resist?

I live in Australia, all of my husband's family are in the UK. It's always hard trying to find Christmas presents over here then have them posted over to England. Sometimes the postage is more than what the present is worth.

I had created Jonathan's Christmas photo a few days before being asked to do a review so I decided to have that photo used to customise my cake. There are endless options to choose from and a delivered cake starts from just £14.95.
The cake arrived at my sister in law's house just a few days before Christmas and we were both left speechless. It looked amazing. I wish I could have teleported myself over to cut into it.

My sister in law took it to my Mother in law's for Christmas lunch. It was to be a surprise and a surprise it was.

The entire family loved it. I could not have asked for a better Christmas present for them, besides us being there of course.
Sometimes it's the smallest of surprises and thoughts that touch people in the biggest way. It's always hard not being with family at Christmas and BakerDays allowed the thought to be there, it meant that our presence was felt at that dinner table and as the cake was cut into, we were thought of.

I'd recommend this product to everyone. I only wish there was something this good here in Australia.


What could it be?

What a lovely tin...


Happy Holidays everyone...
May love and kindness feel all your hearts. Enjoy your time together and most importantly, eat cake. Yummy yummy cake.

BakerDays... Take a look at them. 

Marcelle x

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