Wednesday, 17 December 2014

They don't even look like Christmas biscuits

Out of total frustration, I think I've tweeted a gazillion times times that my oven does not work.

All my dinners needs to be cool too based, I can't do the Cristmas ham and the landlord is taking his sweet ass time to get it fixed.

I had all the ingrediants for the biscuit icing so I thought 'why not?' 

Wait, I had everything except red food coloring so I had to use blue. Blue and green with pastel sugar balls. It wasn't Christmas themed at all.

I made the icing mixtures. The green was too runny and the blue was too thick.
Never the less we started decorating.
When I say we I mean me. Jonathan ate the sugar balls, licked obscene amounts of icing mixture and retreated into a sugar rush just before bed time.

Oh, I didnt mention that I just used plain milk arrow biscuits.

All in all, like most things, preperation is key. I wasn't prepared and they don't really look like Christmas biscuits.

Maybe Jonathan can have one in the morning, before daycare... Perhaps I'll drop him off before the sugar sets in.

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  1. Ha! My oven is broken too, but in my case, I just don't want to spend the $600 to fix it! Makes for an interesting Christmas doesn't it?! We bought a benchtop halogen oven and they're brilliant! They cost about $30 if you find a cheap new one and we've been using it for months now. (In fact I might not bother repairing my oven at all!) Look into one too if you've a lousy landlord! Visiting from Six Little and looking forward to following you!


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