Tuesday, 16 July 2013

One Week

It seems J has developed leaps and bounds over the last two weeks.

He's learning and doing so many new things.

I'm so proud of him that it brings tears to my eyes. I dread the first steps, I'll probably curl up in the feral position in the corner of the room.

Last Wednesday night he went from a sort of drag crawl to a proper crawl. Just like that. He was up and off.

Thursday followed with him lifting himself up unsupported.

On Sunday he was able to sort of hold his own bottle.

Tonight he's eating strawberries like its no ones business.

He's reaching all these mini milestones and I wish I could just hit the pause button.

My little precious baby is no longer. He's taking the first steps of independence, exploring the world, touching, feeling and tasting. I think it's the most beautiful thing to watch him. As much as I want it all to slow down, I want it to hurry up. I want him to talk so I can ask him what it's like, how he's feeling.

If I use my assertive voice he now frowns his eye brows at me. When I smile, he smiles back. He simply is pure utter joy to be around.

This morning I dropped him at daycare and he held out his arms for his teacher, yes, his teacher. He didn't cry to stay with me, lets face it, he never does #rejection. I realised it was harder for me to leave him that for him to leave me. For the first time since that first day I walked out and cried.

So this must be what it's like. He's my little baby, then my little boy, then my little man. I'm preparing him for his life ahead the best way I know how.

I'm so proud of him, every fibre in his body. Even when he is a man he'll always be my little baby.

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